The Cost of Workplace Conflict in Australia

Workplace conflict in Australia is estimated to cost between $6-12 billion annually.Some 30 percent of a typical manager's time is spent dealing with disputes and conflicts.On the surface you wouldn't know it, but this problem is endemic and runs deep within organizations. We have created a fourfold solution that allows employees to address conflict and... Continue Reading →

Fighting Hidden Conflict Resolution

Malicious gossip is the scourge of most organizations. It is usually how most individuals in organizations deal with their minor conflicts. Also referred to as backbiting, badmouthing, venting or backstabbing, it can only exist if we do it in secret. It's our hidden conflict resolution and so ubiquitous that we don't even seem to notice... Continue Reading →

Conflicts in Disguise

We should be able to test and resolve all of our spats to ensure that they are not the more severe dispute or conflict. Let's try to resolve all our minor team spats mainly because some of these spats could be conflicts in disguise and ultimately could be responsible for causing the the next startup team to fail.

Code of Misconduct

We are all conductors in a team, I believe. Like electricity conductors, only in our case we are conductors of information and may be very similar to nodes in a network. And the network suffers when we have a mis-conduction between two team members caused by a misconduct.

AI Information Conductor

Firstly I think an essential part of a code of conduct is what happens when there is a violation of the code and company ethics. A "misconduct," if you will. I refer you to the article, defining a code of conduct. Maybe the code of conduct should be called a "code of misconduct," ha!

Risk-taking Vs Naysaying

Amy Edmondson defines psychological safety as "a shared belief that the team is safe for interpersonal risk-taking." In a nutshell, for a team to speak up, take risks, and share radical ideas, they will need to feel protected from so-called naysaying behavior. I don't think the problem is going to be fixed by creating “a shared belief... Continue Reading →

Manual Machine Moderator

Machine moderators may be used in the pre-moderation stage to flag content for review by humans. This would increase moderation accuracy and improve the pre-moderation stage.

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