Code of Conduct Vs Code for Misconduct

Slack XXX Group’s Code of Conduct

  1. We hold all stories or personal material in confidentiality
  2. We are careful about interrupting each other.
  3. When we disagree, we focus on the idea, not the person.
  4. When we have a discussion, we make spaces to pause for reflection.
  5. We don’t need to be articulate to express ourselves.
  6. We acknowledge that there is often a gap between intention and impact.
  7. We don’t allow members to promote their own commercial apps or programs.

Disputz – Object123 Code for Misconduct

  1. Caution offender if one feels uncomfortable by their behavior or actions and receive an acknowledgment or if challenged then escalate to an….

  2. Objection send offender an official objection using the Disputz app and now receive a simple apology message in return or escalate to a….

  3. Stop and the dispute is posted automatically on the Disputz AI & Peer Review Network to be reviewed and voted on if necessary. A recommendation is then made to their team.

Most groups, teams, and organizations use some form of code of conduct to keep order and try to prevent misconduct. They are the rules we are not supposed to violate or infringe. But we all know rules were made to be broken. Most teams leave out a code for misconduct for when such an infringement occurs and believe me; they will occur. No one is perfect!

A good example is, I recently joined a slack community group and was shown their code for conduct. When I pointed out that I thought the said member was flouting his own rules in number 7, and that to me it was shades of Animal Farm’s “snout in the trough”, I was told that there was nothing to see here:

“Since he started this Slack community and the meetup group, it makes sense to me that it’s connected to his website. I don’t feel like he is selling me anything. I see him more as a host”.

I pointed out:

“It seems to me to be definitely a commercial enterprise selling workshops for up to £280. If the criteria for promoting a commercial program are if someone “feels” it is a promotion, I disagree with this. As it ‘feels’ to me like a promotion and then we have another problem, how does (your) code of conduct now resolve our difference of opinion? I believe a compromise could be to remove the website URL from his name in brackets?” 

I am still waiting for a reply, but I could be waiting a long time as you can see. If we had a code for misconduct, I believe the group could sort this out pretty quickly. As it is, I doubt I will stay a member of a group that allows what I consider to be misconduct and a violation of their code of conduct —or is commercial but too opaque to admit it for my liking. Well that is how I see it but I could be wrong, any feedback appreciated.

Disputz – Object123 Code For Misconduct

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