Making Mistakes and Misbehaviors

I find this both ironic and hypocritical that the psychological safety movement and organizational psychologists can criticize leaders or managers for being know-it-alls, psychopaths or narcissists.
And at the same time, talk about creating a safe environment where team members feel safe speaking up and making mistakes. As though these leaders deserve this type of “unsafe” treatment for their mistakes, but their team members deserve a safe environment to thrive. Well, I beg to differ.

It’s possible that these leaders, being accused anonymously, behind their backs, of either being know-it-alls, psychopaths, or narcissists, are just people making the same behavioral mistakes (misbehaviors) repeatedly without receiving any direct objection to their face to correct their misbehavior. However, it is such a shame that these same leaders have made the mistake of not setting up a safe system to facilitate this type of intervention within their teams that would protect themselves and their team members from misbehaviors.

Here is my proposal for such an intervention that I believe would protect team leaders and their team members from such malicious gossip and backstabbing, leading to a toxic and unsafe environment.

Protecting Leaders and Team Members from Misbehaviors

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