SpatzAI Proposed Scrum Plug-in for Misbehavior in Teams

In chapter 5 of Jeff Sutherland’s book on Scrum, he briefly mentions behavior for Scrum in the form of “don’t be an ass hole and get rid of ass holes quick.” Yet he doesn’t mention detail about how one should address this, as though it is a simple process. If only life was so simple and no one was annoying, rude or offensive. I have spent nearly 20 years trying to work out how we should address misbehavior in teams and only now getting close to a functional product solution.

That’s right; Scrum has no plan within it that addresses team misbehavior or conflict. I guess Jeff is a super optimist or has simply put in the too-hard basket how we address misbehavior and conflict, realizing that it requires another book and toolkit on the complex subject.

Well, I just so happen to have a plugin solution that I have prepared beforehand and propose every Scrum Master adapt it in their program or get a Spatz Master. I call it SpatzAI, a toolkit for micro-conflict or spats in teams. It consists of the following:

  • SpatzAI Team Charter – Manages team behavior as they agree to use the intervention when members misbehave, rather than retaliate or gossip.
  • SpatzAI 3-step Intervention App – Moderates team behavior, holding members to account and documenting the spats.
  • SpatzAI Peer-review Network – Mitigates escalation of spats by being transparent, knowing their behavior will be independently reviewed.
  • SpatzAI & ML Data – Monitors team behavior, collating the real-world data to compare team behavior with performance, training the Spatz AI.

If there are any Scrum Masters out there maybe you need a Spatz Master also, hmmm?

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