Further Steps in Transparency

Pay transparency is very topical at the moment, and it seems to be gaining favor, with some governments putting it into legislation. Further steps in transparency could include transparent conflict resolution, that is, who is having an ongoing conflict with whom in the team and what were both sides of their story, straight from the horse’s mouth, as it were.

Just about everyone I have explained this level of transparency to cringe and find it objectionable. But think about it for more than a moment. Most unresolved conflicts have a degree of transparency but are distorted by Chinese whispers and the badmouthing that usually goes on within teams and organizations when disputes arise. I believe this can and does breed very toxic and divisive environments in teams and organizations.

Another point for exposing our unresolved conflict is that it acts as a great incentive to ensure we all use the new and radical toolkits available to resolve our spats before they become our exposed conflicts.

And finally, there may well be a lot more spats to resolve due to having pay transparency….ha!

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