Quickly Destroying Psychological Safety

Can a Lone Manager Destroy Real Psychological Safety in a Team?

I am no expert, so I don’t know. Maybe someone can enlighten me? I don’t believe any workplace that claims to be a “safe space” can have its safety destroyed by one individual. Imagine an existing manager, boss, CEO, investor, or leader in the organization and at any time could wreak havoc to our so-called “psychological safety,” which took years to develop. That would NOT be what I call a “safe place” to work in, but more like what most organizations look like today, by default. I think we need to consider an incident like this when creating a psychologically safe space.

Someone could say that a single rogue pilot could wreak havoc on an airline’s safety, and I would say granted, and that is probably why they have more than one pilot in the plane. Indeed, suppose we are talking about a new system to provide psychological safety in organizations and teams. In that case, let’s design it to withstand the destructive effects of a single rogue manager, please.

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