Letter to Swimming Australia

I was just listening to the latest complaints raised by Australian swimmers in the media and I thought I would contribute and try help. I know this is a long shot but Swimming Australia and most organizations obviously need some radical process to prevent these venting experiences from offended members. A way to transform from the “#metoo” type complaints, indirect and years down the track; to the individual objecting directly, and in real time.

Maybe these problems occurred because the offended swimmers didn’t know how to raise the issues. They may have feared they would have been labeled a “snowflake” or just “too sensitive” for an individual instance. And did not want to use a sledge hammer to crack a wall nut.

But what if the offended swimmers were given a 3 step objection process to deal with the offender direct, and in real-time. Knowing that they have a network of their peers, to back them up, if needed, rather than dealing with the hierarchy within your organization, where they may feel they would not get a fair hearing.

The solution we are offering is called the Disputz Network. Where, if the issue cannot be resolved over the 3 step objection and network review process, the offenders can be brought before the offended’s network of peers, over a zoom call, and they can vote and post the recommendation on the network and also with the Swimming Australia management, .

Here is our pitch for using Disputz. Although it still needs developing and testing, maybe, just maybe you would be interested in trailing it and see if it can help tackle these instances and stop these small issues growing into major festering problems.

Here is my pitch which is directed to startup teams in startup accelerators, but I believe can also be adapted to any organization that has teams in it.

I am based on the Gold Coast at the moment and would be available to discuss the solution further.


Founder & Chief:
Desmond Sherlock


T: @disputz   |   FB: @disputz

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