Q: Why Startups Need a Culture? A: It’s the Referee, Stupid!

Question for you Ravi: What do you think the “culture” or “principles” of a startup are actually for? What is the fundamental purpose of them that make the experts say they are so important?

The culture is the root cause of the growth mindset. It directly drives and is a derivative of the colossal energy that a startup creates. Two fundamental Principles – Growth & Collaboration Cultural Elements – Honest Team & Empathy Now look at the whole scenario.

I see culture or principles on a micro & macro level. “How we do things here” or “how we fix or resolve things here”. Sounds simple except for 1 thing, how do we fix things when the boss is the fixer & offender? That is where culture comes in, to counter management’s rules. IMO

That’s also a good way of looking at things IMO How do we get things done better and with efficacy ? I think getting things done with a hustle is more important and that sets the tone for culture

The real complication is I believe that in a startup we don’t really know who is boss and we don’t really know how to fix things here. Usually startups have no rules of engagement, no HR, no culture. This makes startups look like the Wild West & I have personally experienced that

Agree to disagree. Lot of successful ones which I have worked with or I knew them up close and personal had all these sorted from day 2 of course not from day 1 But yes day 2 for sure

Also Ravi, I don’t want to help successful startups, as you mentioned, I want to help the ones that fail ie. the 90% of funded startups that fail. And quite possibly due to the lack of culture or dispute resolution process present. Yes 90%!

Ok Ravi, name a startup that I could ask “how they fix it here”? Where I could ask any 2 members what is the procedure for tackling (& resolving) incivility during a disagreement. My bet is this 1. No one would have the same answer. 2. There isn’t a solution to this issue.

I have yet to find an organization or startup that has a culture that can adequately address when a person is simply offended by another, without needing to go to management or HR, ie conflict of interest. (I say that because disputes can involve management & HR)

Desmond SHerlock Disputz.com

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