Practice Makes Perfect – The Purpose of Conversation cont.


My latest thought on the purpose of conversation is simply for practice.

“Practice?” I hear you say. Yes. Just go into any group and listen to us practicing away.

The way I see it is that we make millions of tiny decision a week, literally thousands daily. most of them are so tiny that we don’t even realise that we are making them.

But occasionally we make big or very big ones and these need more attention. I believe we are practicing for making these bigger decisions. Most of these big decisions we like to get advice for but this advice can be insincere or even downright corrupt, with the blind leading the blind and so I think that we are practicing how to tell the sincerity of the participants, ourselves included.

I believe the best way that we can do this is by assessing the integrity of the information supplied contributing to its consistency and accuracy.

Of course, not only is conversation for practicing to assess the integrity of new information but also for making sure of the integrity of previous decision.

If this is true, then knowing this could open up new tools and skills for our next conversation…..maybe!

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