The Art of Conversation Master Class


I believe that the underlying purpose of conversation is for practicing. Practicing what you may ask? Well, at first as a child to learn the basics of English through conversation and as an adult to renew and hone our skills in English but also in the art of conversation, itself, and potentially even the mastering of it, unbeknownst to most of us.

Who would have thought you could have a master class in conversation but I think it is something lacking in our education system. I mean we need to LEARN English even as a natural English speaker. So why not learn and master the art of conversation by some sort of master class. I did take a class called Clear Thinking which I suppose is the closest thing to this.

If you scoff at this thought of mastering the art of conversation then maybe you should ask your nearest and dearest how well you are actually doing….ha. You might get a surprise.

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