SpatzAI Recourse Toolkit for WHEN We Suffer for Being Our Authentic Selves

I don’t agree with this definition of psychological safety ie.

“Psychological safety is achieved when an employee feels that they can be their authentic self, especially in a team setting, and not suffer any negative consequences as a result.”

I don’t believe that psychological safety is a “feeling” but true psychological safety is only achieved if we provide a robust recourse for WHEN we do suffer for speaking up.

People being people WILL misbehave on occasion so we all will at times suffer for speaking up and being ourselves, it is a given in my view and pretty hard to disprove unless you can find a team of perfect people…ha.

So, I think I am only going to feel safe if I am provided with a robust recourse option for the event when I suffer for being my authentic self. I am working on my pitch for such a recourse toolkit called SpatzAI ( ) any feedback appreciated.

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