Solving the Problem of Correcting Mistakes

Unfortunately, when we focus on correcting mistakes, we seem to focus on the person as much as on the mistake. That’s how we were brought up. We still use language like “his mistake,” “your fault,” “he’s a trouble maker,” and “she’s to blame.” We even have institutions to help correct people’s BIG mistake-making, called “correctional facilities.” Correcting mistakes seems to have a blame factor embedded in the language. And finally, to be able to correct a mistake, we need to be “correct” and the other person needs to be incorrect.

What if we agreed to solve the problem of correcting mistakes? That is, If we were to use our correcting nature to correct this behavior, we would get caught in a correcting loophole.

So, here is my proposal to solve this problem. What if we simply objected to anyone using their Correcting Nature to solve a problem? How can we know when they are doing this? Oh, so easy. Tone, volume, rhetorical questions, anger, dogmatic and biased language, everything that reminds us of our parents…ha! 

So what do we replace our correcting nature with? “I am not sure”….ha! but that’s not a bad start, though.

To be continued

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