Coercive Rhetorical Behavior

We use rhetoric to influence our argument by HOW we deliver our message rather than by WHAT we actually argue. When our rhetoric becomes coercive or abusive, we should agree to step up to such behavior and object in real-time.

From the beating of a single brow (browbeating) to the raising of tone and volume, this behavior is not acceptable, in my book, to influence our decision-making. Yet, it is so typical for so many people to use and accept.

For example, if anyone in Australia has been following the ICAC inquiry, you would have heard the angry rhetoric browbeating of Daryl Maguire and the submissive behavior of Gladys Berejiklian. The two images below show how these types of behavior co-exist.

This type of behavior can only exist if the receiver allows it, believing that it is acceptable, or they cannot do anything about it. They would also be telling themselves the following stories to themselves below:

The solution is to agree to OBJECT to coercive rhetorical behavior. We use Object123 culture to tackle coercive rhetorical behavior

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