Good Things Happen in Threes

What I am about to propose is NEW. There is nothing like this on the planet at the moment, that I can find for resolving disputes in the workplace. The following is my pitch for how we can tackle any incivility or misbehavior that takes place in the workplace.


Our road traffic and sports have run pretty smoothly for over 100 years by simply following these three step tools:

    We have 3 colors and we start or stop:
    1. Go2. Caution3. Stop
    The umpire declares 3 strikes and you’re out.
    The referee uses his tools:
    1. Whistle2. Yellow Card3. Red Card

Are you getting the idea?

It seems that the system of 3 tries/strikes, before a dismissal, can be made effectively and efficiently, in real-time, by an independent referee. Now, imagine if we applied this model with tackling incivility in the workplace?
“But we don’t have the luxury of an independent referee or adjudicator when we have a dispute caused by incivility”, I hear you say. Correct, and this is where the second part of this model comes in.

PEERS VOTE (democratic)

When we need a referee or an independent adjudicator, society has also used the following processes successfully for hundreds of years:

    Uses our peers to review and vote on what is good science or bad science.
    Uses our peers to review and vote on who we want to stay or go in governing us.
  3. judiciary
    Uses a jury of our peers to review and vote who should stay in society or go to prison:

Now, what if we used both tried and true methods to determine who should stay or go in
the workplace, when there is an internal dispute. But we only use the democratic process as a last resort if we cannot resolve our disputes by ourselves.

The Disputz Network Review is the result of this hybrid of the two processes.

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