My Message to the Allusionist

Hi Helen Zaltzman (The Allusionist Podcasts),
I have been looking at the word Object as in Objection for the last few years and find it fascinating that we rarely use it/act on it, but instead of use the act of “disagreeing” or “complaining” rather than the act of objecting.

My question is can you explain what you think is the distinct differences between:

  • Disagreeing and objecting?
  • Complaining and objecting?

I think I may have discovered some very useful differences but cannot find any reference to what I may have discovered.

  • Disagreeing is usually about differing with the content of a discussion.
    Whereas objecting is more reserved for the way we disagree, ie the behavior during a disagreement.
  • Complaining is usually done indirectly & after the fact ie back biting, gossipping to others.
    Whereas objecting is usually done directly & real-time to the offender.

By failing to object (real-time & direct) as we disagree, we then end up complaining (indirect & after the fact) or more commonly called gossipping, having a rant or venting etc.

In other words this may be the cause of all of our anxiety and anger. We then become the aggressor
and the receiver becomes the submissor (and maybe later the aggressor), whereas, once again the solution becomes Objecting by the Objector, I believe.

Can we actually find the Objective by becoming the Objector and Objecting? I think so.

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