Made to OBjECT

Summary of OBjECT – 7 Agreeable ways to be Objectionable as using the 6 principles of the book Made to Stick

1. Simple, find the core:
The core idea of this book is to OBjECT and that we were born to object, and often. Most people (adults) do not object directly, in real-time but prefer to complain after the fact and indirectly (to everyone else except the person involved). This book wants to highlight the down side of this and assist to change this behavior.

2. Unexpected, counter-intuitive
The unexpected part of this is that we are encouraging objecting and the objectionable behavior of conflict and discomfort that can come with this.
We are also encouraging open, objectionable behavior so that it can be objected to and thus reduced.
The irony is that when we object to objectionable behavior it is usually done objectionably also. Both need to be rectified, moderated and reduced.

3. Concrete, (putting a man on the moon in 10 years)
We have measured that anger is objectionable along with the signs of anger, such as rhetorical questions, also tone, volume and other forms of objectionable behavior like lies, ignoring, lack of appreciation etc etc.
We want to openly deal with objectionable behavior through our detailed
processes, agreeable apology, going before our peers etc

4. Credible: tested ideas
We measure objectionable behavior and measure its reduction. We have a 7 step (DECARRT), agreed-to process to ensure that we have a credible system to rely on. We also have an agreed-to method of giving an acceptable apology when we get angry or generally behave objectionably.

5: Emotions:
All the emotions that come with conflict are exposed, looked at and dealt with. ie the drama of a court room with the janitor pitted against the CEO.

6: Stories:
We will have lots of examples in our company and partnership of stories
Ie Train, Crane and Rain stories so far. And will will have many precedents
with in the organisation as we proceed. The best story I have is how I objected to the doctrine being preached within a christian religious group and was swiftly removed for “asking too many questions and undermining other member’s beliefs”.

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