My Theory of Relative Objectivity

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Maybe objectivity can only be measured relatively, in the context of a conversation and not by measuring the person’s objectivity.  As the saying goes, it takes two to tango, and whatever level of objectivity exists, maybe we can only see it within the space of a conversation, where it can be more accurately measured.

Preparing the ground for such a conversation is an imperative I believe, and getting agreed-to rules of engagement before we begin or early on in the conversation will result in this high level of objectivity, I believe. The rules of engagement or my proposed agreements are that we above all be daring and be willing to object when we seem to step outside any agreements we have made. The agreements I am referring to are the 6 principles for how we proceed to object.

So, as an example, when we object, we agree to do so within the confines of six principles and be willing to object, in real-time, when we deem that we step outside of these principles. Even at this point you could object but without knowing or agreeing to the six principles, it is likely that I would thank you for your objection and request you do so using these, yet to be proposed principles.

Let’s clear this up now and here are my proposed principles for how we object and ultimately measure objectivity:
That we Dare to object;

  • Daringly
  • Enjoyably 
  • Consideredly 
  • Accountably 
  • Reasonably 
  • Responsibly
  • Transparently.

Each principle will have its own chapter explaining these proposals. And ultimately I am suggesting that by agreeing to and using these principles during conversation, we can test, measure and ultimately increase our levels of objectivity….maybe.

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