Patrick Carlyon: An open letter to aggressive anti-vaxxers

There aren’t many of you, are there? The numbers tell us that. Seventeen out of every 20 Victorians has had at least a first jab, and rising.

That means those who will not get vaccinated represent a small minority of Victorians.

Some of you, like rusted-on One Nation members, believe that it’s not about saying what you think, but railing against everyone who is apparently so wrong.

Yes, you are small of number, but vociferous of tone. You hulk, menace, threaten and intimidate doctors and nurses and those involved in programs aimed at moving ahead.

You seek to destroy wider prospects because, well, you believe ludicrous conspiracy claims, such as poison in your arms, as so wonderfully depicted in a recent mock advertisement featuring druggies and the righteous wonders of myths.

People who choose not to vaccinate – and keep their personal prerogatives to themselves – are entitled to do so.

Of course they are. No one should say otherwise.

Anti-vaxxers who work in mandatory vax industries, such as healthcare and hospitality, can preserve their choice. But not at the threat to the wellbeing of the more than seventeen out of 20 Victorians who will be vaccinated.

This letter is not addressed to the silently reluctant.

The ratbags who make false appointments, send anonymous threats and abuse medical staff trying to verify bookings: you’re the problem.

Melbourne appears to be your capital, which makes sense, given the world’s longest lockdown and unnecessary restrictions.

You are typically youngish men who spend a lot of time on social media or encrypted apps, perhaps in basements, except when you are closing vaccination centres by throwing liquid on staff.

Nihilism is the goal, and heaven help you – and us – for its pointless pursuit.

You cite “facts” and contrive false premises. Yet you think science is a fraud, isn’t it? Evidence, for you, is the enemy.

That’s the irony, though, isn’t it? The science you scorn may well set you free. You won’t be safe if you’re unvaccinated, but you’ll be a lot safer because the rest of us are.

There may even come a time, as has happened overseas, where our choice opens your choices, when vaccine passports and double-vax requirements will be unnecessary because so many people chose to protect themselves from the virus.

Yet you will continue to protest and spout nonsense and sabotage the collective endeavours of the fatigued majority.

Why all the noise from so few?

A simple thank you would suffice.

Best, Patrick Carlyon and

The Overwhelming Majority

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