The Object Response Workshop

My aspirational thinking…..
Imagine if the NRL and AFL employed me to go around to everyone of their teams to give them an Object Response workshop? (Caution: the Object Response is yet to be tested)

Where I simply tell the team members how to deal with domestic disputes by
1. Getting agreements with our partners, first and foremost, on how we approach disputes.
2. Then we agree to split the CONTENT of the dispute from the BEHAVIOR during the dispute
3. We agree to BEGGING TO DIFFER to the content and OBJECT to any poor behavior when we differ or disagree.
4. We agree that when we object to poor behavior we do it in 3 stages or phases:
Caution…& if no acknowledgment, then…
Object…& if no simple apology, then…
Stop…& if no acceptable apology then seek an external adjudicator.

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