Progressive (left) Vs Conservative (right)

You know a switch went off in me the other day….as per my diagram of the pendulum swing below.


When you think about it inside everyone of us is a:

  • Liberal / progressive view – Left
    Fear of losng what we can be, seeking change for the better, potential for now and future.
  • Conservative view – Right
    Fear of losing what we have, holding on to what we have now and before, existing now and past.

We all have these inside of us and we struggle every day to a lesser or greater degree with them.
And everyone we meet has a similar struggle, some favoring a conservative push more and some favoring a more liberal push, depending on the topic.

So we are all struggling with this internally and in personal and business relationships,
and politically. Such is life!

Hence the idea of what the conversation is for is to help us in this struggle of
converging (conserving) and diverging (progressing) on especially controversial topics.
A country that does not allow for this conversation is doomed for revolution, I think.

And that is life, in a nutshell.



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