Disputz Review Network Pitch

the problem Internal disputes occur in teams & especially startup teams when they are making pivotal decisions early on. It can be a power struggle when we disagree & can expose poor behavior & attitude issues. These disputes are difficult to resolve, cause us friction, and upset the dynamics within the team, which can leave... Continue Reading →

To Complain or Object that is the Question?

There is not so much awareness in our organizations and teams between complaining versus  objecting. Here are the legal definitions as per WikiDiff, although I am talking more about civil purposes, which I have thrown in at the bullet points. To complain: "(legal) in criminal law, the preliminary charge or accusation made by one person against another to the... Continue Reading →

The Quest to Find Psychological Safety

The quest to find Psychological Safety has been ongoing since 2016, when everyone found out, What Google Learned From Its Quest to Build the Perfect Team. Since then, everyone seems to be trying to find and define how we go about achieving Psychological Safety. How Do We Find & Define Psychological Safety What if I said... Continue Reading →

Peter Thiel’s 7 Questions for Product Innovation

Unique-corn A reminder to everyone that hopes to have the next unique-corn in Australia Engineering: Breakthrough technology rather than incremental improvements?Timing: Is it the right time to start?Monopoly: Big Share of a small market?People: Do we have the right team?Distribution: A way to not only create but deliver our product?Durability: Market position defensible 10 to... Continue Reading →


What is it: Disputz is a Culture-as-a-Service AI platform to help teams resolve their internal disputes. Our Mission: To empower team members to make self-confident & objective decisions. how we do this: By enabling team members to consistently OBJECT to behavior that we find offensive, during disagreements, and if necessary, have our objections peer reviewed.... Continue Reading →

Decision-making Assembly Line

Every organization is a decision-making assembly line, in our opinion. And, as with any assembly line some run more smoothly than others. Toyota became the world’s most valuable car maker by installing a stop-the-line cord that allowed every worker on the assembly line, to stop it when one deemed an issue was effecting the quality... Continue Reading →

Is this Clear Thinking

Don't tackle the person. The definition of disagree is: To disagree with someone/something. Do we actually disagree with someone or with their thinking? I say the latter. Do we actually object with someone or to their behavior? I say the latter, also. So, can we agree with this that: "I disagree with your thinking and... Continue Reading →

Object to Noise

Noise causes noise. - To object makes us objective Statistical noise is referred to results that are scattered and not so easy to identify why it is occurring.It is also the title of the next book by Daniel Kahneman.But imagine if we actually removed noise (actual noise) from our discussions in decision-making. ie Reduce any... Continue Reading →

Aggressive – Assertive – Submissive

If Assertive behavior is the objective between Aggressive and Submissive then maybe objecting to aggressive and submissive behavior is the key. Is this possible, that the principle of moderating our behavior and treating each other objectively is linked to the actual word, OBJECT? I believe so. As we simply OBJECT to aggressive and submissive behavior... Continue Reading →

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