Psychological Safety & Nuclear Fusion

Psychological safety and nuclear fusion theoretically exist Psychological safety and nuclear fusion have something in common they both theoretically exist. Nuclear Fusion: Scientists have pursued harnessing nuclear fusion's power-generating capacity for almost three-quarters of a century. In 2019, National Geographic described nuclear fusion as the "holy grail for the future of nuclear power." Their quest continues. Psychological Safety: The... Continue Reading →

Victim Blaming

When it comes to the abuse of a victim, the politically correct squad has set up what seems to me to be a barrier or no-touch zone for looking at the victim's role in the abuse. I know this is very controversial, but I am willing to broach this subject here, at the risk of... Continue Reading →

Tackling Misbehavior in Real-time

We Tackle Misbehavior in Real-time If a soccer player gave away a free-kick during a tackle, you wouldn't wait until the end of the game to blow the whistle. You wouldn't wait until the end of the first half to blow the whistle. Of course, you would blow the whistle instantly in real-time to penalize... Continue Reading →

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