The Golden Rule Error

The Golden Rule Error The golden rule is a moral principle commonly understood as "treat others as you would like to be treated." This rule is often attributed to Jesus a couple of thousand years ago and has been a central tenet of many religions and ethical systems throughout history. The golden rule encourages individuals... Continue Reading →

Devine Intervention – SpatzAI

Devine Intervention - SpatzAI When it comes to storytelling, it can often feel like no truly "new" ideas are left. After all, we have told stories for thousands of years, and, likely, almost every possible plot point, character arc, and twist ending has been explored at some point. But the beauty of storytelling lies not... Continue Reading →

Cause and Effect – Behavior and Psychological Safety

Cause & Effect - Cart Before Horse The relationship between behavior and psychological safety is complex, and it can be challenging to establish a clear cause-and-effect relationship. However, experts generally agree that behavior is crucial in creating and maintaining a psychologically safe environment. The following is the sort of standard hyperbolae that most psychology experts... Continue Reading →

Intervention vs Prevention for Poor Behavior in Teams

Intervention and prevention are two approaches to address poor behavior in the workplace. Most psychological safety experts promote prevention; however, every day, people are dealing with poor behavior in the workplace and need help NOW! It could take years before preventative measures kick in, yet no one seems to be promoting a standard intervention procedure... Continue Reading →

Clean the Fish Vs Clean the Fishbowl

It's time to clean the fishbowl, not the fish On LinkedIn, so many psychological safety experts suggest that changing managers' behavior is the key to changing their employees' behavior. However, I see this approach as akin to cleaning the fish instead of cleaning the fishbowl. It's important to differentiate between educating people to change their... Continue Reading →

The Subtle Art of Browbeating & Naysaying

Bullying in the workplace will be made illegal across Australia soon; however, I don't believe that bullying is the only real issue here. It is not unlawful and will never be to subtly browbeat or naysay. I think this misbehavior will only grow as overt bullying is made illegal.Everyone knows that explicit bullying is wrong... Continue Reading →

Stop The Line Conversations

"Stop the Line manufacturing" is a technique introduced by Taiichi Ohno (of Toyota Production System fame) in which every employee on the assembly line is responsible for pushing a big red button (pull the cord) that stops everything whenever they notice a defect on the assembly line." Initially, people did not understand the idea as the dogma at the... Continue Reading →

SpatzAI Theme Song

I asked ChatGPT to rewrite the Flash Gordon lyrics by Queento use as a theme song for our intervention toolkit concept, and it came up with this, with no other prompts and in just a minute. Verse 1: Spatz, A-I, the hero we need Fights for truth, with lightning speed From distant worlds, he's... Continue Reading →

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