Quickly Destroying Psychological Safety

Can a Lone Manager Destroy Real Psychological Safety in a Team? I am no expert, so I don't know. Maybe someone can enlighten me? I don't believe any workplace that claims to be a "safe space" can have its safety destroyed by one individual. Imagine an existing manager, boss, CEO, investor, or leader in the... Continue Reading →

Does Dogma Erodes Trust?

Listen to any two people in a heated dispute and one thing I believe you are bound to notice, and that is their surety that they are right and the other is wrong. No doubts! You can quickly tell by the absolute and dogmatic language they are using. No prefacing their statements with "I think.."... Continue Reading →

Restoring Eroded Trust

Restoring Eroded Trust Search on Google for building trust and psychological safety, and you will see oodles of articles on the subject but not so many on restoring lost trust. The issue for me is not so much on building trust in a team but how we restore it when it is lost or eroded. Generally,... Continue Reading →

Our Andon System for Discussions

Adapted from: Wikipedia Andon System of manufacturing. From Wikipedia:  "An Andon system is one of the principal elements of the Jidoka quality control method pioneered by Toyota as part of the Toyota Production System and therefore now part of the lean production approach." END.Also know as Stop-the-Line manufacturing. What is an Andon Discussion - Object123Andon gives every worker the ability and empowerment to... Continue Reading →

The Challenge for a Psychologically Safe Workplace

First Human Attempts at Controlled Flight I believe it is time we replicated the quest for controlled flight by getting governments and investors to offer cash prizes to the first organization that achieves an effective and measurable psychologically safe environment in the workplace. Excerpts from Matt Williams Blog "The idea of offering incentive prizes to inspire... Continue Reading →

Solving the Problem of Correcting Mistakes

Unfortunately, when we focus on correcting mistakes, we seem to focus on the person as much as on the mistake. That's how we were brought up. We still use language like "his mistake," "your fault," "he's a trouble maker," and "she's to blame." We even have institutions to help correct people's BIG mistake-making, called "correctional... Continue Reading →

How to Save Billions of Dollars Globally on HR and Management.

How do we save billions of dollars globally on HR and management fees? Easy! Simply create a one-on-one, self-moderating procedure that teams can use to to help resolve their behavior disputes with fellow team members or their manager. We call ours Object123 . Then create a social network of independent peers that are willing to review and adjudicate any disputes that we have trouble resolving using this tool. We call our the Disputz Network . And that's it.

Something New in Safety?

Lately, I seem to be hearing a lot about psychological safety as a new strategy to help teams perform more effectively in the workplace. Let's be clear; there is nothing new about the concept. The term was first coined in 1965 by MIT professors Edgar Schein and Warren Bennis, who argued that psychological safety was... Continue Reading →

Safety as a Service – SaaS

Psychological Safety as a Service Psychological safety is the latest buzzphrase in organizational research. As I interpret it, it simply means feeling safe to speak up. It may well turn out to help create the holy grail of safety in teams, but at the moment, much more research needs to be done. UNSAFTYOn the contrary,... Continue Reading →

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